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Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act

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The Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (CALEA) requires providers of telecommunications services, Internet access, or certain kinds of Voice over Internet Protocol to acquire or build into their networks the technical capabilities necessary to enable them to assist law enforcement in conducting authorized interceptions of communications content or call-identifying information.

All entities covered by CALEA must become CALEA-compliant by May 14, 2007. They must also file interim reports by February 12, 2007, and March 12, 2007, to show that they are diligently pursuing ways to comply with CALEA. The Federal Communications Commission has stated that it will not grant exceptions or extensions of time. Parties that fail to meet their CALEA obligations are subject to fines and civil penalties of up to $10,000 for each day in violation.

The Baller Herbst Law Group (call 202-833-5300) and Columbia Telecommunications Corporation (call 301-933-1488) have prepared this page to provide potentially affected parties guidance on the history and purposes of CALEA, the entities that it covers, the obligations that it imposes, and the legal and technical options available to them.

Plain Language Summary of the Relevant Issues, Requirements and Options

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