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Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the Internet Governance Forum USA Articles & Memoranda, National Broadband Strategy, Other Materials 9/30/2015
Report: Rural Utilities Service Broadband Loans and Economic Performance in Rural America Economic Development, Reports & Articles, Studies 9/30/2015
Sean Stokes, “Expanding Right-of-Way Basics,” Podcast Hosted by Community Broadband Networks, 9/22/2015 Pole Attachments, Sean Stokes Presentations 9/23/2015
Sean Stokes, Casey Lide, “Key Legal and Regulatory Issues Affecting Community Broadband Projects,” Broadband Communities Econ. Devp. Conference, Lexington, KY, September 15, 2015 Casey Lide Presentations, Community Broadband, Federal & State Developments, Federal Compliance, Guidance Materials, Pole Attachments, Sean Stokes Presentations, State Barriers 9/21/2015
Casey Lide, “Balancing the Benefits and Privacy Concerns of Municipal Broadband Applications,” N.Y.U. JLPP, Spring, 2008 Articles & Memoranda, Community Broadband, Reports & Articles 9/21/2015
The Next Generation Network Connectivity Handbook Community Broadband, Economic Development, Guidance Materials, Reports & Articles 8/10/2015
Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide: Statement of Qualifications Other Materials 8/03/2015
BHSL Memo: “Small Cell, DAS and Wi-Fi Facilities Siting in the Public Right of Way: Practical Considerations for Local Governments” Articles & Memoranda, Pole Attachments 7/29/2015
Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide Named to Broadband Communities Magazine’s “FTTH Top 100” Community Broadband 7/28/2015
State Statutory Barriers to Public Broadband Initiatives State Barriers 6/23/2015