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Sean Stokes, Casey Lide, “Key Legal and Regulatory Issues Affecting Community Broadband Projects,” Broadband Communities Summit, Austin TX, April 13, 2015 4/14/2015
FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order Granting Wilson, N.C., and Chattanooga EPB Preemption Petitions – March 12, 2015 3/12/2015
Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide Statement on the FCC’s Order Removing Barriers to Community Broadband Initiatives in Tennessee and North Carolina 3/12/2015
State Developments 2015 3/06/2015
Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide Statement on the FCC’s Decision to Remove North Carolina and Tennessee Barriers to Community Broadband Initiatives 2/26/2015
Joint Opposition to Missouri SB266, submitted February 18, 2015 2/19/2015
Jim Baller, “Seven Important Next Steps for Gigabit Communities,” Gigabit Communities Summit, Kansas City, MO Jan. 13, 2015 1/27/2015
“Economic Development: The Killer App for Local Fiber Networks,” Broadband Communities Magazine, Nov-Dec 2014 1/27/2015
Jim Baller, “Building a New Social Compact in an IP World,” NATOA National Conference, Orlando, FL 2013 1/27/2015
Technical Strategies for Facilitating Public or Private Broadband Construction in Your Community 1/27/2015
Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC) 1/14/2015
Baller testimony to Utah Committee on Government Competition and Privatization 1/13/2015
NY State Broadband Program Office Connect NY 2.0 Toolkit 12/03/2014
South Dundas Economic Impact Study 10/12/2014
Study of Economic and Community Benefits of Cedar Falls, Iowa’s Municipal Telecommunications Network 10/12/2014