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  Sean Stokes, “Expanding Right-of-Way Basics,” Podcast Hosted by Community Broadband Networks, 9/22/2015

Podcast by Sean Stokes on right-of-way basics, hosted by ILSR / Community Broadband Networks:

“For this week’s Community Broadband Bits, we are delving into an area of law and practice that is quite important for Internet network deployment but tends to be dry and confusing. Not for us today though, we have Sean Stokes, a Principal at Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide, joining us to explain Right-of-Way basics.

We talk about what the public Right-of-Way (ROW) is, who is responsible for maintaining it, how entities can get access to it and how poles are distinct from the ROW. We discuss how much power local governments and pole owners have to deny access to these assets and some of the costs associated with make-ready. If you don’t know what make-ready is, you’ll know in less than thirty minutes.

We finish our discussion by exploring the “Municipal Gain” policy in Connecticut, where munis are entitled to some space on the poles for any purpose they choose to use it. Historically, this was used only for public safety, but it was recently broadened. Sean also explores how he believes we should simplify access for fiber optics rather than basing access on the particular end service being offered.”

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Posted on 9/23/2015 & last modified on 9/23/2015

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