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Title Added
2020 Federal Communications Law Compliance Overview 7/11/2020
BSL Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance Memo (October 2019) 10/21/2019
Baller Stokes & Lide Annual Universal Service Program Memo (January 2019) 9/24/2019
Baller Stokes & Lide Annual Federal Telecommunications Law Compliance Memo (updated July 2019) 9/24/2019
Baller Stokes & Lide: State Barriers to Public Communications Initiatives (as of July 1, 2019) 7/23/2019
HolstonConnect, LLC files complaint against Nexstar Media Group, Inc. for violation of FCC’s rules requiring good faith negotiation of retransmission consent 3/07/2019
Baller Stokes & Lide Annual E-Rate Program Memo (January 2019) 1/21/2019
Ten Strategies to Protect State and Local Property After the FCC’s Small Cell Preemption Order 11/13/2018
BSL Memorandum Summarizing FCC Declaratory Ruling and Third Report & Order (Small Cells) 10/09/2018
BSL Analysis of FCC’s Third Report & Order (WC 17-84, WT 17-79): Pole Attachments and Wireless Siting, One-Touch Make-Ready, Etc 8/17/2018
Baller Stokes & Lide Universal Service Memo (February 2018) 2/12/2018
Baller Stokes & Lide E-Rate Memo (February 2018) 2/12/2018
Baller Stokes & Lide Federal Telecommunications Law Compliance Memo (February 2018) 2/12/2018
BSL ALERT: Wireless Facilities in the Public Right of Way: Is Your City Ready for a “Deemed Granted” Remedy? 5/11/2017
Baller Stokes & Lide Federal Compliance Memo (March 2017) 3/07/2017