From One Community to a Smart Region, Part 1

From Scott Rourke: “We at OneCommunity have been at it for about nine years.  Starting with a volunteer label and some in-kind donations, our non-profit broadband network and programs to promote adoption have grown to more than $100MM in assets, with millions of annual recurring revenue to ensure our long-term sustainability.  We cover a service territory consisting of 5 million people with a GDP of 170 billion USD.  Our unique open-network strategy, in which we share our digital super highway with phone and cable companies, is also beginning to provide resources to sustain our ambitious programs aimed at accelerating the use of IT to benefit society.  In fact, if you visit Cleveland, Ohio, there’s a good chance you’ll use our free WiFi at the airport or that your iPad or iPhone will be powered by us (and our partners).”

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Posted on 11/26/2012 & last modified on 8/25/2014

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