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Jim Baller, “Economic Development: The Killer App For Local Fiber Networks,” Fiber Broadband Association Conference (June 2017) 6/14/2017
Joanne Hovis and Marc Schulhof, Jim Baller and Ashley Stelfox, “The Emerging World of Broadband Public-Private Partnerships: A Business Strategy and Legal Guide,” The Benton Foundation (Feb 2016) 2/16/2016
“Economic Development: The Killer App for Local Fiber Networks,” Broadband Communities Magazine, Nov-Dec 2014 1/27/2015
Jim Baller, “Broadband and Economic Development: Fact or Fiction,” TATOA Policy and Legal Track, Seabrook TX, Oct. 24, 2013 1/27/2015
Bristol Virginia Utilities fiber network is revitalizing SW Virginia 10/12/2014
NATOA Comments to FCC on Community Broadband and Economic Development 10/12/2014
How Three Communities Built Next-Generation Networks 10/12/2014
US Broadband Coalition Report on a National Broadband Strategy 10/01/2014
ILSR: “Chanute’s Gig” 9/15/2014
Wilson’s Greenlight Leads North Carolina in Fast Internet 9/15/2014
Largest NuComm International to Locate in Lafayette, La. 8/25/2014
Optical Ring Safeguards City Power Utility Plus Local Jobs 8/25/2014
Port deal with Google to create jobs 8/25/2014
Peregrine an economic windfall for the Cedar Valley 8/25/2014
Broadband Boosts Economic Growth in Bristol 8/25/2014