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Jim Baller – Ashley Stelfox, CLIC Webinar on Key Legal Issues in Public-Private Partnerships 11/22/2016
Casey Lide, “Dark Fiber Transactions Involving Local Governments: Primer on IRUs, Dark Fiber Leases and Related Legal Matters,” paper prepared for IMLA 2016 Mid-Year Seminar 4/18/2016
2016 Federal Communications Law Compliance Overview 3/08/2016
Joanne Hovis and Marc Schulhof, Jim Baller and Ashley Stelfox, “The Emerging World of Broadband Public-Private Partnerships: A Business Strategy and Legal Guide,” The Benton Foundation (Feb 2016) 2/16/2016
Federal Universal Service Program Memorandum (2016) 2/03/2016
E-Rate Program Overview (2016) 2/03/2016
Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the Internet Governance Forum USA 9/30/2015
Casey Lide, “Balancing the Benefits and Privacy Concerns of Municipal Broadband Applications,” N.Y.U. JLPP, Spring, 2008 9/21/2015
BHSL Memo: “Small Cell, DAS and Wi-Fi Facilities Siting in the Public Right of Way: Practical Considerations for Local Governments” 7/29/2015
Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide: Memorandum on the Federal Universal Service Program 3/24/2015
“Economic Development: The Killer App for Local Fiber Networks,” Broadband Communities Magazine, Nov-Dec 2014 1/27/2015
America Needs a Fiber-Based National Broadband Policy Now 10/12/2014
Deceptive Myths About Municipal Broadband 10/11/2014
Legal and Practical Issues for Website Managers 10/11/2014
Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Municipalities 10/11/2014